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Update a single field from a FormController AJAX method

by mjauvin, last modified on October 26th, 2020

When using an AJAX handler in your FormController, you can update a single field in your form using this:

public function onYourAjaxHandler($recordID)
   $model = MyModel::findOrFail($recordID);
   $model->fieldToUpdate = "new value";

   $fieldMarkup = $this->formGetWidget()->renderField('fieldToUpdate', ['useContainer' => true]);

   return [
      '#field-id' => $fieldMarkup

If you need to replace the field container, set useContainer => false. If you need to keep the container, set useContainer => true.

Since v452 of OctoberCMS, it is now possible to use the formRenderField() method directly as the "options" argument has been added to it:

   $this->formRenderField('fieldToUpdate', ['useContainer'=>false]);



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