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Render twig content from a string

by mjauvin, last modified on December 5th, 2019

If you want to render twig content contained in a string (a textarea field for example), you can do so with a little magic as shown below.

First, add this to your Plugin's register method:

    Event::listen('cms.page.init', function ($controller) {
            \App::singleton('cms.twig.environment', function ($app) use ($controller) {
                    return $controller->getTwig();

Then, add this twig filter to your Plugin.php:

    public function registerMarkupTags()
        return [
            'filters' => [
                'twig' => function ($content, $vars=[]) {
                    $env = \App::make('cms.twig.environment');
                    return $env->createTemplate($content)->render($vars);

You can now render any twig content in your markup as shown below:

{{ html_clean(fieldWithTwigContent | twig) }}



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