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Component helper methods to set variables

by Samuell, last modified on August 12th, 2019

Creating helper class that we can use to extend other components.


use Cms\Classes\ComponentBase;

abstract class BaseComponent extends ComponentBase
    protected function setVar($name, $value)
        return $this->$name = $this->page[$name] = $value;

    protected function setPageVar($name, $value)
        return $this->page[$name] = $value;

Usage of methods:

  • setVar - if we want to set component variable and page variable
  • setPageVar - or if we want to set only page variable

Then we can extend one of our Components like this.

class ProductsList extends BaseComponent
    public $myVariable;

    public function init()
        $this->setVar('myVariable', 'value');
        $this->setPageVar('myPageVariable', 'value2');



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