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Access component properties from a page or partial

by OFFLINE, last modified on August 12th, 2019

There are multiple ways to access a component's properties. Given this is our component:

class Example extends Component
    // Note the property is public!
    public $foo = 'bar';

    public function onRun() 
        // This creates a varaible `foo` in twig.
        $this->page['foo'] = $this->foo;

You can acceess it's properties like this:

function onStart()
    // Access it in the code section via the components
    // array on the page property.
    $valueOfFoo = $this->page->components['example']->foo;

Since the property's visibility is public you 
can access it using {{ example.foo }}. Private
properties won't be accessible this way.

Because we also set the property on the `page` 
variable in `onRun` it is also accessible
directly via {{ foo }}.



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